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The combined 21 and 47 Echo unit followed Neal out of the theater. 50 caliber machine-gun turrets on top and side-mounted rocket pods. 舡 Christopher laughed. 舠Lock it up, 311. You舗re my second on this one舒I want you on the comms. Load up, gentlemen. 舡 舠Sir,舡 one of the shaved-headed convicts said with a nod. 舡 Nick nodded. 舠Good. 舡 舠I can handle that. 舡 Nick舗s three 47 compatriots nodded. The entire unit climbed into the Razor and sealed the massive rear hatch舒once the two assigned men were in the gun turrets, the vehicle was actually somewhat roomy.

Then China bombed the place off the map. 舡 舠About that, Chris,舡 Nick said. 舡 舠Just where the fuck are we, anyway? 舡 Michael asked, shaking his head. 舠More of it than you want to know, pal. You舗ve heard of the front lines? 舡 Peter shook his head. 舡 Nick wordlessly offered the pack to Peter, who took one. 舠Don舗t let a CO catch you smoking that, by the way. Neal舗s cool, but some of the others can be real bitches,舡 Christopher warned. The four of them walked for a few minutes until they came to half of a large, long rectangular building.

Already on my to-do list, kid. Now, listen up. What you舗re looking for out there are structural supports舒big beams, basically. They舗re going to mostly be around the outside of the building. 舡 Michael nodded. 舡 舠We can pretty much ignore that entire side of the building. 舡 舠We舗re here. Demo team, grab your weapons and ordinance and get moving,舡 Neal shouted as the Razor rolled to a stop. 40 Glock pistol, a Kevlar helmet and a backpack with C-4 charges and detonators. Nick tossed his backpack over the Kevlar舗s straps on his shoulder and led his team out into the night.

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