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By Lynn Gordon

Grab that magic wand! This renowned deck of easy-to-perform magic methods and kid-friendly sleights of hand has been up to date with new actions and illustrations.

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Put it upright in the ice chest for the party. At the party, find someone in a swimsuit and ask for help opening your bottle. When they take off the cap, ice-cold water will pour out of the holes! A Hatful of Water Materials: Hat; 2 Paper cups; Scissors; Water Cut out the bottom of a paper cup and slip it into an uncut matching cup. Pick up the (double) cup and put it in a magic hat taller than the cups. Then take out the inner cup, not letting the audience see its missing bottom. Pour water into the cup in the hat.

Fill three or four glasses with a few tablespoons of water. Put the same amount of white vinegar in an identical glass. Tell some friends you’ve found a magic word that gives plain water the power to turn things red. The magic word is Ruberio. Hand each person a glass of water. You keep the vinegar. Ask for a volunteer. ” and pour his water into the grape juice. ” Invite another person to try. When everyone else has tried and failed, it is your turn. Ruberio! Pick a Card Materials: Deck of cards Flip the bottom card of a deck of cards face up.

Drop your hands to your sides and glance down at your thumbnail. Turn to face your audience, and tell them what color the crayon was. Elf in a Box Materials: Small box with lid; Marker Pick someone in the audience to be your assistant and tell that person you have an elf inside the box on your table. ” Ask your assistant to open the box and tell the audience if she can see him or her. Your assistant will have to say yes, because you’ve written HIM OR HER on the bottom of the box. Hold up the box so the audience can see the bottom.

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