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By Leo Block

This booklet describes the lifetime of the enlisted guy aboard a Farragut type destroyer throughout the pre-World warfare II years; the conflict instruction interval in 1941; and the wartime years. It good points first-person narrations gathered from interviews and correspondence with the few closing Farragut category destroyer sailors, and in brief describes the evolution of the destroyer and the Farragut type destroyers, 5 of which survived the conflict.

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Boatswain’s mates did growl and snap at their deck force seamen (this was traditional), but in other divisions this was not a usual practice; a softer approach was more productive in the technical ratings. Enlisted men, other than chief petty officers, seldom had occasion to talk directly to an officer, except the bridge watch when underway and the gangway watch in port. ” The enlisted man-officer relationship was almost exclusively cordial; generally the officers did not talk down to the enlisted men.

Electronic Technician serviced and repaired radio and other electronic equipment (this rating was established after the start of the war). 26 ABOARD THE FARRAGUT CLASS DESTROYERS IN WORLD WAR II Ratings of the Engineering Department Electrician’s Mate was responsible for all wiring and electrical equipment, except for fire control equipment, including the gyrocompass and the internal communication telephone circuits and telephones. Later the rating of internal communication electrician was established for internal communication equipment.

He usually became a frequent candidate for assignment, by his leading petty officer, to working parties or for cleaning bilges. The Enlisted Pay Grade and Advancement The enlisted rating structure, pay scale and time in present pay grade required for advancement is shown in Figure 2–1. Upon first enlistment all new recruits were classified as a seaman apprentice (pay grade 7), assigned to 12 weeks of recruit training (boot camp) and then sent to a ship or to a class A school. Chief petty officer (pay grade 1) was the highest enlisted rating until the ratings of senior chief petty officer and yet the higher rating of master chief petty officer were established well after World War II.

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