Download AC Maintenance & Repair Manual for Outboard Motors by Jean-Luc Pallas PDF

By Jean-Luc Pallas

The objective of this e-book with its distinctive step by step color photos and diagrams, is to let each proprietor to mend their outboard motor very easily. Troubleshooting tables aid diagnose strength difficulties, and there's recommendation on typical upkeep and winterising and repair.

Jean-Luc Pallas's enthusiasm for passing on his wisdom, in addition to his transparent factors, distinct suggestion and step by step directions make this a special ebook.

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Low flow and excessively hot water: inspect the water pump immediately. ◆ Low flow and cold water: no thermostat, or it is stuck wide open. Check the thermostat. Cooling water circulation in an outboard engine High performance engines have a thermostat and a bypass valve to regulate the engine temperature. The thermostat ensures a rapid rise in temperature at low revolutions. The bypass valve activates the water flow at high revolutions to ensure greater cooling. Exploded view of an inversion gearbox system Propulsion (drive) system This is the part of the outboard called the lower leg, which comprises several systems: ◆ The reduction and inversion gears ◆ A part of the cooling system with the water pump ◆ The actual drive system with the propeller and, in some rare instances, a jet Anatomy of the lower leg The lower leg consists of a streamlined gearbox housing, a skeg, and an anti-ventilation plate, also called an anti-cavitation plate – the height of which is crucial when fitting the outboard onto the transom.

If the flow is good but the water temperature is over 60°C, the pump is functioning normally, but the thermostat is stuck in the ‘closed’ position. ◆ If the flow is weak and too hot, check the water pump. ◆ If the flow is weak and cold, the thermostat is stuck wide open or someone has taken it off. Remove and check the thermostat. ◆ An intermittent flow or absence of flow from the tell-tale jet, despite normal engine temperature, means that the tell-tale circuit is clogged. Blow compressed air into the tell-tale hole.

This causes a drop in water pressure on the propeller blades, diminished thrust and increased revs. Cavitation This can affect propeller function. The spinning of the propeller blades in the water creates a partial vacuum. As water rushes in to fill the vacuum, tiny air bubbles form, then violently collapse; this reduces the propeller efficiency and also causes pitting on the propeller blades. Ventilation Air is sucked into the propeller causing performance loss. Cavitation Creation of damaging air bubbles due to a vacuum caused by low pressure on the surfaces of the propeller blades.

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