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01 _t_ T Fig. 17. Beam cross-section. 63 Yertical Sh€oring Str€ss At the top of the tlange, J Y'd'{ = o therefore tr:0 t2 NA t Ch. 1), it can be seen that the maximum shear stress, namely t, occurs where $y'dA)lb is a maximum, which in this case is at NA. 2), it can be seen that the horizontal shearing stress va es linearly along the Ilanges of the RSJ, from zero at the free edges to a maximum value iF at the centre. and. 5 A Dlot of the vertical and horizontal shearins stresses is shown in Fie.

25. Shear llow in thin-walled curved section. e. dd :,^. o, z Jo lRrf . WALLED CURVED SECTION WTIH FLANGES Determine the shear centre position for the thin-walled section of Fig. 26, which is of uniform thickness t. Fig. X26. Curved section with flanges. 10). / . rr-, "fl Ch. ol. -"2 Fr:0'14F to bending.

19, and the largest stress due to bending will occur at a point on the section which is at the furthest perpendicular distance from the n€utral axis (NA). oFig. 19, it can be seen that the furthest perpendicular distance from NA is at the point "B". 0789 m where, as,us, etc. 19. ch. 2(b) is subjected to the uniformly distributed load shown in Fig. 20, determine the position and value of the maximum stress. Fig. 20. Encastr6 beam with a uniformly distributed load. Unsymmetrical Bending of Beams 40 The maximum value for bending moment is given by: (ii) [ch.

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