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By K. Ishii

In an effort to lessen the price of working blast furnaces (BFs), injected pulverized coal is used instead of coke to fireside BFs. due to this, unburned positive fabrics are blown with the fuel into the bosh and lifeless guy components with attainable unsafe results on fuel movement and permeability of the coke column. The ability of the furnace to eat those debris via resolution loss is maybe one of many barriers to coal injection. it really is, consequently, very important to appreciate the physicochemical and aerodynamic behaviour of fines together with the swap of in-furnace phenomena.

The Committee of Pulverized Coal Combustion and In-Furnace response in BF was once manage in 1993 as a cooperative learn of the Japan Society for the promoting of technological know-how (JSPS) and the Iron and metal Institute (ISIJ) to judge examine initiative into this challenge.

This booklet stories at the JSPS/ISIJ Committee's actions and describes the translation of findings drawn from combustion experiments and the result of reside furnace purposes, and furnace functionality.

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CHARACTERISTICS OF PULVERIZED COAL COMBUSTION Table 2-6 Carbonate, sulfide, sulfate, phosphate and chloride minerals in coal Species Carbonates Calcite Aragonite Dolomite Ankerite Siderite Sulfides Pyrite Marcasite Pyrrhotite Chalcopyrite Melnikovite Galena Mispickel Sphalerite Sulfates Barytes Gypsum Kieserite Thenerdite Mirahilite Melanterite Keramolite Jarosite Phosphates Apatite Evansite Chlorides Halite Sylvite Bischofite Chemical formula FeS2 FeS2 FeS, CuFeS FeSe+(As,FeS,HnO) PbS FeS2 FeAs2 ZnS Specific gravity (ka m-3) Melting/decomposition temperature (K) 5000 4870 4600 4100 -5000 7500 -5000 aCalcite, dolomite, ankerite, siderite, pyrite, barytes, and apatite minerals occur frequently.

Ignition mechanisms of pulverized coal particles are important as they support the whole combustion history and the stability of the whole flame. Ignition and combustion are governed by the heat and mass transfer and chemical reactions. These phenomena are affected by the coal properties such as macerals, specific surface area, pore size, content of volatile matter and so forth. The internal structure of burning particles is also an important function to elucidate the ignition behavior. Figure 2-517)shows the change of specific surface area and residual volatile matter for three types of coal.

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