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By Brian King

Brian King has spent an entire life both deliberating, or truly development, version boats. This booklet is the results of that lifes paintings, in addition to 25 years event as a proficient engineer and a school lecturer in engineering. It tackles complicated idea and perform for the maritime modeller and the authors personal philosophy on model-making. The publication covers the philosophy of model-making development static and dealing types, learning assets of data and studying drawings. within the workshop, the tasks contain fabrics, hulls, superstructure and decks, armament, ships boats, completing and portray, etching and making glass exhibit instances. The complex concept and procedure during this publication is basically in response to the authors personal very complex modelling tasks, together with Victorian warships Devastation and luxurious, twentieth century ships Belfast and Queen Elizabeth, the pre-war airplane service excellent and the battleship Anson, in addition to scale version RNLI lifeboats together with Grace Darlings well-known coble.

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Find two straight, dean, true. straight-edged planks that, butted end to end, w ill reach from the afterface of the stem to the forward face of the transom knee. Mark centerlines on these, full length, on both faces, using string and the straightedge to get them true. Fetch out mold number 5, and stand iton the keel as shown in Figure 6-4, centered, with the forward [ace on the station mark. Brace it with a prop from the top of the keel aft, plumb it foreand -aft, and hold it level ath\vanships with two posts to the floaT.

Quite seriously, though, if you don't know much about this business, make friends with the foundry boss and watch the molders at work. Theirs is a fascina ting art, and they' ll leach you some things you 'll need to know hereafter about pauernmaking. And, although they won't expect it, they'll be happy to see the pair of lifting. eyes you are about to install in the top of your pattern. Remember, however, that if one of these eyes pulls out, after the crane has lifted the pattern clear, and the heavy end drops down and ruins a day 's work, you will wish you were not around to hear the comments.

But we'll d ig to it. unerringly. Draw a line fro~ this point, paralIc! to the "outside of the planking" lineexactly 1-"/ 16 inch from it, of course-and note the point of intersection with the centerline (side of keel), which you label "B" (for bearding line). The distance from "B" to " R" is what you get from all this, and noth ing more. Mea sure it. I get 2 1/16 inches . Measure up from the rabbet line-along the venical station line, on the side of the keel - exactly this distance. and make a mark.

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