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Brucei subgroup) by intraperitoneal inoculation and was, therefore, presumed to contain metacyclic forms derived from the flies. Part of the same lake, - 80” C frozen for 21 days, tested in the same way, was found to be infective. 4. Trypanosome Culture Lehmann (1960, 1961, 1962) indicated which culture media are most suitable for the several species of African pathogenic trypanosomes and drew attention to culture as a possible method for distinguishing T. brucei from T . rhodesiense (see above).

A high cod-liver oil diet suppresses T. congolense infection in mice but this effect is reversed by vitamin E. Various vitamin B I O L O G I C A L ASPECTS OF T R Y P A N O S O M I A S I S R E S E A R C H 29 deficiencies are associated with enhanced parasitaemias (Desowitz, 1963). Serial passage, splenectomy, or reticulo-endothelial blockade and the injection of various biological or chemical substances such as cortisone or sodium salicylate may enhance the infection in some hosts. The situation is one in which, although a large number of interesting and suggestive observations have been made, the mechanisms by which these effects are caused are still largely hypothetical (Desowitz, 1963).

Essentially the results of sampling a G . pallidipes population simultaneously by means of baited catches on cattle of various colours and by traps of different colours were compared statistically in Latin square or similar designs and the results of these studies were then correlated with the results of fly-round studies in the same area over a period overlapping the other studies. Smith and Rennison analysed the wide and confusing numerical variations which occur in B I O L O G I C A L A S P E C T S OF T R Y P A N O S O M I A S I S R E S E A R C H 17 field studies of Glossina so as to allow the confident ascription of variation to the effect of particular factors.

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