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By Dennis C. Dickerson

In the course of many of the 20th century, Archibald J. Carey, Sr. (1868-1931) and Archibald J. Carey, Jr. (1908-1981), father and son, exemplified a mix of ministry and politics that many African American spiritual leaders pursued. Their sacred and secular matters merged in efforts to enhance the religious and fabric healthiness in their congregations. yet as political alliances grew to become beneficial, either wrestled with ethical effects and sundry results. either have been ministers to Chicago's biggest African Methodist Episcopal Church congregations-- the senior Carey as a bishop, and the junior Carey as a pastor and an attorney.

Bishop Carey linked himself almost always with Chicago mayor William Hale Thompson, a Republican, whom he provided to black electorate as an best friend. whilst the mayor appointed Carey to the city's civil carrier fee, Carey helped within the hiring and merchandising of neighborhood blacks. yet alleged impropriety for promoting jobs marred the bishop's tenure. The junior Carey, additionally a Republican and an alderman, turned head of the panel on anti-discrimination in employment for the Eisenhower management. He aided innumerable black federal staff. even if an influential benefactor of middle and SCLC, Carey linked to infamous FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and compromised help for Martin Luther King, Jr. either Careys believed politics provided clergy the easiest possibilities to empower the black inhabitants. Their imperfect alliances and combined effects, despite the fact that, proved the complexity of mixing the nation-states of spirituality and politics.

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20 In 1871, the Redeemers (white Democrats) retook control of the Georgia government as a consequence of division and ineptitude within the state GOP. The fragile coalition between blacks and yeoman whites that held together the Georgia Republican Party depended on an electorate that included roughly the same number of whites and blacks. In 1867, Georgia had 95,214 whites and 93,457 blacks registered to vote. Although African Americans were numerically significant, they could not pursue any political objectives that whites opposed.

Archibald Carey Jr. ”34 chapter 2 Pulpit and Politics in Chicago the ministry of archibald j. carey sr. Thirty-year-old Archibald J. Carey arrived in Chicago in 1898 familiar with politics and power players in both church and state. In this dynamic Midwest metropolis, however, he learned that although clergy had long been active in public affairs, they had never possessed any “divine right” to leadership and influence among African Americans. Hence, Carey competed with a rising class of professional black politicians, rival ministers, female leaders, and others.

26 However, Carey’s alliance with Murray against Ransom seemed to set a pattern for his relations with other AME ministers in Chicago. When he clashed with another of the city’s ministers, W. D. Cook, the popular pastor at Bethel, Carey faced renewed charges that he politicized relationships with other clergy. Although the two men had served together on the executive committee of Chicago’s AME ministerial alliance, serious rivalries arose between the two pastors. In the run-up to the 1920 General Conference, Carey sought to bolster his campaign for the episcopacy with a unified and supportive delegation from the Chicago Annual Conference.

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