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By Chee-Beng Tan

It is a well timed booklet that fills the space within the research of chinese language in another country and their religions within the international context. wealthy in ethnographic fabrics, this is often the 1st entire ebook that exhibits the transnational non secular networks one of the chinese language of alternative nationalities and among the chinese language abroad and the areas in China. The e-book highlights varied non secular traditions together with chinese language renowned faith, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, and discusses inter-cultural affects on religions, their localization, their value to cultural belonging, and the transnational nature of non secular affiliations and networking.

Readership: students, postgraduate scholars and normal public who're drawn to the learn of chinese language in another country, really on the subject of spiritual association.

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3. Chinese worship place — The klenteng without Buddhist elements. These can be transformed into wihara. General Sunarso, the head of State Intelligence Body, disagreed with Oka’s view. He stated that all klentengs are the traditional Chinese worship places. They have to be transformed into wiharas. indd 31 24-07-2014 11:08:06 b1751 32 After Migration and Religious Affiliation: Religions, Chinese Identities and Transnational Networks After Migration and Religious Affiliation As mentioned earlier, the “Indonesianization” of klenteng took place soon after Suharto took over power, especially in East Java where all the klenteng were called tempat ibadat (ibadah, a worship place).

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