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By Duane Rousselle

Post-anarchists have hitherto depended on post-structuralist reviews of ontological essentialism on the way to situate their discourse when it comes to the conventional anarchist discourse. Post-anarchism calls for the elaboration of one other vital line of critique opposed to epistemological foundationalism – to complete this activity, this ebook takes post-anarchism to its restrict via a studying of the philosophy of Georges Bataille. Georges Bataille's philosophy allows new methods of conceiving anarchist ethics that aren't predicated upon essentialist different types, foundationalist truth-claims, or the employer of the topic within the political context. After Post-Anarchism, we problem the hegemony that epistemology has loved for numerous centuries of political and philosophical suggestion.

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Anethicism is to ethics as atheism is to theology (Burgess, 2007: 427). The nihilist responds negatively to the place of ethics just as the atheist responds negatively to the place of god. For example, Nietzsche argued that active nihilists, in negating traditional values, raise 46 the unstable framework the possibility of the transvaluation of values: in this sense, the active nihilist rejects the positive place of ethics but only in order for her to leap forward into the world of positive ethics anew.

Moreover, the Lacanian interpretation of Mackie’s statement would be that fantasized ethics are the very stuff of the imaginary order—an order of presumed 55 wholeness, synthesis, similarity, and autonomy. Bernard Williams’s response to the central problematic of utilitarianism or consequentialism provided a useful critique of utilitarianism and consequentialism. He argued that people do not judge actions according to their consequences alone. As the Telegraph put it: “Williams pointed out, a very quick way to stop people from parking on double yellow lines in London would be to threaten to shoot anyone that did.

Instead, I trace two meta-ethical pathways for the reader: what I call (1) base subjectivism, and (2) base materialism. I argue that the base subjectivist response to metaethics is easily conceived through a latent reading of the anarchist tradition and that to take this negation of conventional ethics to the end requires an intervention from the work of Georges Bataille. Next, I situate post-anarchism as a unique political discourse that occurs among an assemblage of other (often contradictory) political discourses in order to introduce the meta-ethics upon which it has been grounded.

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