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Within the 3rd booklet within the Alien Agent sequence, younger Alien Agent Zack Gaither is shipped to Mongolia to fulfill together with his fellow agent Vraj. Vraj's humans, the Tirgizians, are exploring the realm for proof of dinosaurs, whom the Tirgizians think to be their long-lost ancestors. input the Kaipa Kapa Syndicate, a mix of undesirable men, together with the Gnairts, who'd formerly attempted to kill Zack and Vraj. The Syndicate kidnaps the Tirgizians, and with the aid of neighborhood Mongolian youngsters, Zack and Vraj have the ability to unfastened them and keep away from being chanced on.

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Sometimes I tried to focus enough to look around at the crags and ravines dropping away from our peak. I didn’t see any sign of missing dinosaurs, just endless rocky folds and towers of yellow, brown, and gray. I’d start getting antsy about all the time I was wasting, sitting there, but then the chanting and incense would wash over me again. Finally Granny stood up and reached for the covered pot that Segi had carried up the mountain. She dipped in a ladle and began walking around the ovo again, splashing it with what looked and smelled like goat yogurt.

I managed to stay in the saddle and even helped them herd some of their goats toward a well. The horse did the herding, really, but we took turns hauling up water in a leather bucket and pouring it into a stone trough where the goats climbed over one another, getting drinks. Jargul and Segi taught me the various yelps, whistles, and calls that supposedly make the goats obey them. Still, obedience doesn’t seem to be what goats do best. They’re cute, curious creatures, and I regretted even more that they made up most of my diet.

52 Alien Agent It seemed there ought to be some way I could get Jargul and Segi to help me search, without telling them what we were searching for. I started piecing a plan together, but when they arrived on horses after breakfast, Granny was with them, and my feeble plan fell apart. “Granny’s inviting you to go with us to an ovo blessing,” Jargul said proudly, after he and his sister got off their horses. Then he lowered his voice. “It’s a great honor. She says you have a strongly spiritual aura about you.

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