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By J. Neil Schulman

"A cautionary story with a demanding resemblance to earlier background and destiny chances" (Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate), "Alongside evening" portrays the final weeks of the world's maximum superpower and ends on a successful notice of wish.

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Holding tight onto the line with his right hand and the railing itself with his left, Elliot began lowering himself to his knees until he was precariously balanced with his legs sticking out and his kneecaps tight against the bottom rail. Then, still holding the railing, he lowered his knees off the concrete and began transferring his weight to the clothesline. The rail began pulling out of the concrete. The next few moments blurred in Elliot’s mind. All he knew was that he was suddenly hanging in midair with his legs flailing.

Elliot felt somewhat awkward about keeping up the pretense with a man whom his father—by his actions—regarded Alongside Night 41 as a confidant; nevertheless he interpreted his father’s instructions to mean that no one outside the family should know the truth. ” “Keep your eyes open,” replied Al. “This is a lousy area to be alone at night. ” Everything suddenly fell into place: Al was wearing a plain gold band on his right hand and during his parley with his customer had twirled it back and forth—the same manner as the tzigane.

Elliot now knew that the police had decided to let the world believe—for the time being—that his father was dead. On second thought, he hoped it was only for the time being. Nonetheless, by the time he had brushed his teeth, the world did not seem as frightening as it had the night before. If things went well, he might even have his family free by that evening. He had a firm conviction that Al would know exactly to whom he should go. Elliot decided shortly that it was time he got a move on. Not long after nine, Elliot settled his tab, starting to walk to Times Square.

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