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18) and the exhortation to love not neighbours only is therefore an exhortation to love Gentiles. In Luke xii. 5+-xiii. 9, Jesus seems to be urging the need for reconciliation with the enemy before it is too late and to be pointing out that, unless His countrymen repent and give up their ideas of violent revolt and vengeance, they will assuredly be destroyed. The lamentation over Jerusalem (Luke xix. +1-+) and the words to the woman on the road to Golgotha (Luke xxiii. 27-31) convey the same idea.

70 followed the Jewish rejection of Jesus and His policy-followed it in virtue of an inexorable psychological law: Acts of love beget love: acts of hatred beget hatred. To the policy of 62 Jesus the Jews preferred armed revolt; the Romans reacted against violence with violence, and, since they were the stronger, Jerusalem was sacked, even as Jesus had predicted. "If thou hadst known the things that belong unto thy peace! " Because these things were hid, because the eyes of the Jews were closed, Jerusalem suffered destruction.

In a recent series of articles the military correspondent of The Times pointed out that, so far as land warfare is concerned, the power of defence has increased more 34 rapidly than the power of attack. It is unlikely that a land offensive could succeed against troops armed with the weapons which modern technology has placed at their disposal. This being so, it is obvious that strategists will not waste their resources in attempting the imposssible. They will strike where the enemy's armour is weakest-that is to say, at the civil population in large cities.

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