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By Branko D. Popovic, Branko M. Kolundzija

The authors current a comparatively uncomplicated, computer-oriented, common and unified method of the research of steel antennas and scatterers (of electrically small and medium sizes), established mostly all alone unique paintings. the tactic looks to supply superiority over present choices by way of circumventing many of the problems encountered by way of these tools. it may be of substantial value to operating antenna engineers and researchers. advent; Modelling of geometry of steel antennas and scatterers; Approximation of present alongside generalised wires and over generalised quadrilaterals; remedy of excitation; Electromagnetic box of currents over generalised floor parts; resolution of equations for present distribution; Numerical examples illustrating the alternative of optimal components of the strategy; Numerical examples illustrating the probabilities of the strategy; References; Appendices; Index.

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