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By Piers Anthony

Selection of sci-fi tales.

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I am afraid of many things. " "We fear a very real danger, and it has nothing to do with the beacon. You and I know that there is death waiting for us at the edge of the universe. " Somnanda looked up but held his peace. "The important thing to realize is that this was no freak accident. " "No," Shetland said simply. Johns poked his head in the entrance. " he inquired. "My assistant took over long enough for me to inquire-" "You should listen to this," Beeton said with authority. Somnanda nodded.

Johns said. Beeton jumped up, and the flame leaped with him. "No, no," he cried. "You have to understand. " "The supernatural is no threat to us," Shetland snapped. " Somnanda's voice was urgent. Shetland whipped around. The beacon had burst into an inferno, destroying itself. " Beeton screamed. "The ghost is out there-" Suddenly Shetland's sidearm was in his hand. The tableau seemed to freeze at the moment: Somnanda in the corner, half standing, agony on his face, sweat shining in the orange glow.

Mat's bright mind was prodded to desperate inspiration. " he shouted. "Swim under-if we can-" They galloped down the slope, trying to beat Phog to the deep clear water pooled at the lower end. Water extended throughout the fjords a few thousand feet farther down, eventually unifying in a passive lake. If they could reach this first inlet in time, they'd have a chance. A narrow gray pseudopod blew across their path, cutting them off from the water. It took on the brownish tinge as it thickened. They pulled up before it, dismayed; sometimes Phog almost seemed to strike with intelligence.

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