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By Roger L. Blackman, Victor F. Eastop

Aphids are recognized as pests of agriculture, horticulture and forestry, yet also they are essentially the most biologically fascinating teams of plant-feeding bugs, and therefore have attracted the eye of biologists in lots of learn fields resembling ecology, biodiversity, body structure, behaviour and genetics.

Following the profitable layout of previous books at the world's aphids by means of a similar authors, those volumes offer a entire species-by-species account of the aphids at the world's herbaceous crops and shrubs. they are often used not just as an id consultant and knowledge resource for entomologists and taxonomists during the international, but in addition as a distinct database for reviews of biodiversity and insect-plant relationships. In all, 3120 aphid species in 340 genera are coated, feeding on 2150 genera of host crops. quantity 1 positive factors accomplished host lists and keys to the aphids colonizing every one plant genus. This details is supplemented in quantity 2 by means of a scientific account of all of the aphid species, which gives info on their visual appeal in existence, host variety, geographical distribution and existence cycles. There are 357 unique line drawings, 252 images of slide-mounted specimens and a thousand references.

Aphids at the World's Herbaceous crops and Shrubs is the fruits of decades of labor through best experts and offers an important learn instrument and traditional reference paintings for entomologists in universities and study institutes in the course of the global.

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0× HT II. Dorsal abdomen with variably developed dark sclerotisation 6 Dorsal abdomen with a solid black shield extending over the whole of ABD TERG 1–6. Genital plate with 25–42 hairs, of which 8–17 are on the anterior half. 5×) R IV + V. 1×) R IV + V, and STu frequently present on ABD TERG 7 Brachycaudus virgatus Adesmia A. viscida Adesmia sp. Leguminosae Aphis sp. (Chile, BMNH colln) Aphis craccivora Key to apterae on Adesmia:– – – 26 Dorsum with an extensive dark patch. 5. Cauda with 4–9 hairs Aphis craccivora Dorsum with segmentally divided dark bands, often fragmented.

Viscosum Uroleucon kikioense* 3 Compositae Aphis gossypii Aphis fabae Use key to polyphagous aphids, p. 1020. 25 HOST LISTS AND KEYS Adenostyles (= Cacalia Kunze nec. ) A. albida (incl. albifrons, hirsuta) A. alliariae A. alpina (incl. glabra) A. glabra see alpina A. platyphylloides A. viridis Compositae Anuraphis farfarae; Aphis cacaliasteris, [Aphis sp. near viburni]; Brachycaudus helichrysi; [Ovatus inulae] Aphis solanella; Brachycaudus cardui, helichrysi Anuraphis farfarae; Aphis cacaliasteris; Brachycaudus helichrysi Brachycaudus helichrysi, virgatus Aphis cacaliasteris; Brachycaudus helichrysi Key to aphids on Adenostyles:– – Dorsal hairs long with capitate apices, and arising from tuberculate bases.

SIPH without hairs go to key to polyphagous aphids, p. 1020 Agonis A. flexuosa A. luehmannii Myrtaceae Anomalaphis comperei; Aphis gossypii Myzus persicae Couplet for aphids on Agonis:– – – ANT 5-segmented, with ANT PT/BASE less than 1. ABD TERG 7 and 8 each with a pair of long hairbearing processes. SIPH with a subapical ring of 3–5 hairs Anomalaphis comperei ANT usually 6-segmented, and ANT PT/BASE more than 2. ABD TERG 7 and 8 without long processes, SIPH without hairs go to key to polyphagous aphids, p.

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